Admission & CM/ECF Registration

Nevada District Court

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Attorneys must be admitted to practice in this court before a CM/ECF login and password will be issued. 

See Local Rules LR IA 10-1, LR IA 10-2, and LR IA 10-3 for the procedures to either be admitted to the Bar of this Court or permitted to appear in a particular case. 

Motion for Admission and Verified Petition forms are available on the District Court website -

The system will confirm your admission status with the court by searching the criteria submitted.  If the system is unable to match the attorney's admission information with the criteria you enter, please continue with the CM/ECF registration process. The Clerk's Office will review the attorney's admission status before approving the CM/ECF registration request.

If you are not yet admitted to practice in this court, you will be able to begin the CM/ECF account registration here.